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0151 is a meditation on contemporary ‘Scouse’ identity, cultural heritage, and the peripheral phenomena of cities. Part-memoir, part-social history, these essays journey through the multiple pasts, presents and futures contained within the city of Liverpool, and are animated by the many lives and voices that exist within them. Broad in scope, each essay writes around, through, and against the slippery forces that come to constitute identity, and are loosely categorised by the following phenomena; style, time, dreams and edges. At the core of the project is the belief that a city is always much more than the congeries of the individual, more than their streets, buildings and transport systems. For me, cities can also be states of mind, hence, the focus of these essays is on the ephemeral – desires, drives, relationships, memories, ghosts – that strange, muffled place between presence and absence. Within these essays are tales of lineage - gifts and curses carried through generations, stories of escape and return, manipulation and magic, rebellion and redemption. Some of them are my own, and some belong to others – to the Tuner-prize winning artist Mark Leckey, to Carl Jung and his dreams, to my Grandmother. From fashion and family histories to political scandal and urban planning, this project aims to sift through the rich symbolic economy of Liverpool using narrative methods just as varied. Using storytelling, interview, cultural reflection, historical information, psychogeographical description and personal anecdote, these essays follow their noses, sniffing out a trail of myths, legends and fragments of life, collapsing into the infinite psychic states of this most unruly Northern city.